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  • Rik Emmett
    Rik Emmett of Triumph
    Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter/Performer www.rikemmett.com Starting a new public endorsement relationship with guitar pickups guru Mike Smitty Smyth and his company MJS Handwound Custom Pickups.  My guitars have better voices than ever before …Exciting! Smitty has been helping me lately to take my game to the next level. Isn’t that what every guitarist wants? Where your hands can get the tone & articulation out of your guitars that you hear in your head? Stay tuned – my next bunch of recordings will feature MJS in the signal path. Head… Heart… Hands… MJS!...
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  • KC Roberts
    KC Roberts – Toronto, Ontario
    Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter KC Roberts & The Live Revolution kcroberts.ca Hey Smitty, I just wanted to write quick and tell you how the new Strat pickups are going.  My Rosewood Strat has all but replaced my Mexican. I have fallen in love with this thing.  The tone has been so nice, I’ve taken it to a bunch of rehearsals, and I can’t put it down. This guitar is a completely unique and beautiful creature with your pickups in it. Eye brows are raising from band members and it is so damn soulful, lush and yet funky. I can’t begin to thank you for helping me turn this over so fast. It means more than I can express....
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  • Mike Robins - Autumn Hill
    Mike Robins – Toronto, Ontario
    Guitarist with Autumn Hill AutimnHillMusic.com Thanks #mjscustompickups for making my strat ROCK! Sounds good…feels good. Loving my brand new MJS custom pickups taking my old Stratocaster‬ to a whole new level!! Thanks so much guys! #‎mindblown‬‬...
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  • Marshall Dane - Toronto, Ontario
    Marshall Dane – Toronto, Ontario
    Guitarist www.marshalldane.com Thanks to my MJS Hand Wound Custom Pickups family, my guitars are always in top condition….until I beat ’em out of condition, and then Mike “Smitty” Smyth comes to the rescue!! Little Martin rocked at church tonight!  Thanks team!...
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  • Clarence Poirier
    Clarence Poirier – Toronto, Ontario
    Bassist with Blue Radio and Ultimate Urban bluerodeotribute.ca ultimateurbantribute.com I recently cut back my bass collection down to only those I absolutely love enough to gig with.  At the end of the month-long purge, I had sold 3, traded one for another, and traded a maple neck for a rosewood one. Then after having four different sound guys this summer mention the improved tone of my main bass – the sunburst one – over the others, there was one last thing left to do … call Smitty. The sunburst one has had MJS Hand Wound Custom Pickups pretty much since I’ve owned it (3-4 years maybe). The increased dynamic range is immediately notable.  You know how normally if you roll back the treble on stock pickups, it sounds like someone put a thick blanket over your amp because the tone is muffled so bad?  Not so with these pickups …...
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  • Dan Cormier
    Dan Cormier – Guitarist in New Brunswick
    Still LMAO!! This is an actual order from Dan…one of our very good and appreciated customers.  These types of descriptions are not uncommon…LOVE IT!!! Push push is cool, pulling sucks. Fix me up bro!!  Seriously…no joke…pumped up more warm 490r, sd bridge in mind, un balanced drunk scatter wound mess, mid boosted, black bobs, 14k, ceramic VII, 6 adjustable, 6 not, black cover with MJS logo that makes people wonder…”wtf is this?” Every other pole on respective bobs pokes through…every covered non-adjustable pole some alnico to gimme more weird…looks like :-0 O O O O O O Like a retired Gibson employee dropped hillbilly acid at work, went yeehaw then resigned, not before leaving some lost SG with this effed up looking beautifully whackadoodle neck pup! But seriously…and can you make it a little piquente por favor?…and low mids, send a frikkin invoice! Well, we made him a Hum IV...
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  • Aaron Little
    Aaron Little – Toronto, Ontario
    Lead Guitarist with: See Spot Run www.seespotrun.ca www.aaronlittlemusic.com I love my MJS pickups. I get comments on the sound of my guitars at every show I play across Canada. I have yet to find other pickups with the same balls, depth clarity and tone. I’ll never buy another store boxed pickup again....
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  • Chris Platt
    Chris Platt
    Freelance Musician – Toronto www.chrisplattmusic.ca When I got my first archtop guitar, an Eastman 803 CE, I knew for it to sound complete, it had to have a custom MJS pickup. I have MJS Single Coils in my Strat and have done many blues and pop gigs with that guitar – the sound is always clear, crunchy and virtually hum-free. I’ve been playing jazz seriously for 5 years now and done lots of gigs in different rooms with all kinds of instrumentation. I play through a ZT Lunchbox and if you play clean through those with a loud drummer, you might have to compromise and give in to the speaker breaking up.  With my MJS Split Single pickup, I can crank my little Lunchbox and still get a crystal clear tone. The overall sound of the pickup is much richer and clearer than the humbucker that came with my Eastman....
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  • Martina Fasano
    Martina Fasano
    Guitar Enthusist, Guitarist with Aaron Cross A small excerpt from Martina’s Blog on her new MJS pups: …After an hour and a half of trying different guitars/pickup combinations, I settled on a overwound (hot) humbucker for the bridge pickup, and a vintage single coil for the neck pickup. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone I put a single coil in a Les Paul!) I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t know what they would sound like in my guitar. Once they were installed, I was absolutely thrilled! WOW! A musician can only dream about finally having an instrument that does what he/she wants to when they play it. The muddy quality of my factory pickups was gone! In was the clear sustain of the new MJS handwound pickups and the beefy crunch that came with that humbucker. Now when I chug along on powerchords, there is a definite “chug”, not...
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  • Davin Goudie
    Davin Goudie
    Bassist with Michael White and the Q-107 Classic Rock House Band I had this mid 80’s Squire Jazz Bass that played pretty good but had these crappy stock pickups in it. I knew about MJS Pickups (I have them in my Les Paul), but I hadn’t heard his bass pickups yet. I wanted a very specific sound and we discussed every detail and left no rock unturned. Smitty installed his MJS Vintage Jazz Bass set and I love them! I consistently get compliments after every show. Thanks Smitty!!...
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  • Ryan
    Ryan – Mississauga, Ontario
    Guitarist – The Dogcones Just a quick thank you for the great job you do working on my guitars. I have two guitars you’ve built pickups for and I couldn’t be happier with the results, service and level of expertise. Using MJS Custom pickups allow me to stretch the tonal landscape of any particular guitar in any way I dream up. I appreciate the consultations to find out what sound I am looking to achieve and I have experienced that MJS won’t do something that isn’t going to be beneficial just for the sake of the business. I have also had MJS service and maintain many guitars for myself and my friends, all with fantastic results in a timely manner. MJS will do what’s right for the guitar and for the musician. I have and will continue to recommend MJS to anyone that plays....
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  • Rob H
    Rob H – Mississauga, Ontario
    Guitarist, Sound Engineer – Room 335 Studio I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years or so now and have played a ton of guitars during that time. Most recently, I’ve been on a quest for pure tone. New pedals, new cables, new guitars, new strings, but after all that effort, some character and tone were still missing. Then by chance I happened to hook up with Smitty of MJS Custom Pickups. I’ve got them now in a Telecaster and a Les Paul Studio and the results exceeded my expectation…the comparison to the stock pickups was dramatic. Crisp highs combined with beautiful well defined lows. Soon a pair are going into my mid-80’s ES-175 which I know will make this now dull sounding jazz box come alive. Smitty’s knowledge of electronics, hand wound pickups and all that goes into creating a great tone is as good as it gets! Thanks Smitty,...
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  • MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups
    Kevin R.
    Guitar Enthusiast Love your Pickups!! Small world…I came into Guitar World a couple of years ago curious about your pickups for a new bass I bought – I never ended up moving forward with it (regrettably). I just bought a Lakland bass, and he said the pickups were not the originals…I was bummed, until I found out they were your Pickups! The tone on this bass is outstanding!!! I hate to say it but it seems to put my American Fender’s to shame. Thank you!!! I think I’ll want to bring my P-bass in to look into a pickup change!...
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  • Frank Pionteck
    Frank Pionteck
    Guitarist – HERD THINNER As a guitar player, if you had to stop & think for 2 minutes on what are the most important things to look for in a guitar, what would it be?!? For me personally it is “tone & playability”. These are 2 words I swear SMITTY must have invented! I first came to Smitty more then 5 years ago with one question: “How can I make this thing rock?” Instead of throwing me some boxed product off the shelf to get a sale, Smitty stopped me and asked “well what’s the problem?” – “What is it you think you are missing?” Smitty cared & wanted to know exactly where I was with my instrument, & explained to me how he thought he could bring my vision to life. Aside from many guitar setups, intonations & repairs (which are all professionally done) he opened my eyes to...
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  • Ken Vella
    Ken Vella – Toronto, Ontario
    Guitarist, Borg & Vella, CRUSH MJS pickups are simply the best! I need screaming highs and the chunkiest lows for my playing style and these pickups always deliver. Thanks Smitty!...
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  • Sam Bakos
    Sam Bakos – Mississauga, Ontario
    Guitarist, The RadioDaredevils I bought my first pickup almost 3 years ago and have bought several since. The most recent ones have been a couple of Vintage Tele (II)’s. I originally wanted a classic early 50’s tone and got them with this set and more! The neck is warm and sparkly and the bridge is spanky and not too harsh. Wherever I play my tele, people are amazed at the sound and always ask me where I got those pickups. If you are a tone chaser, talk to Smitty because his pickups rise way above the rest. Period!...
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  • Glen Cunningham
    Glen Cunningham – Milton, Ontario
    Freelance Musician, Guitarist formerly w/ Chyld with Pete Dove, Maddhatter, and more Hey Smitty, a funny thing happened the other day. I have been playing that Dillion Paul I grabbbed a few years back. I put an old Duncan 59 in the bridge and tore everything else out. I played this same guitar at one of the jams a few years back. I have had it plugged into the same little Vox amp and thought it was quite good, I was very happy with the sound. I left the whole set up in my son’s room in hopes he would pick it up. He has not, the little s_ _ t! Well, I moved that little amp back down to the basement where my Gibson Paul with MJS pickups is. I figured I might as well have it close in case I decide to make some noise. I did not...
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  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis – Mississauga, Ontario
    Freelance Musician/Teacher As a guitar player of 40 some odd years, I have used pretty much every commercially available pick-up. Five years ago I acquired an MJS P-90 and Humbucker that I installed in one of my guitars. Instant new favorite! Since that time, I have purchased other MJS models, including my newest acquisition, 3 Single-Coil Strat-Set. WOW! Sparkle and clarity like I’ve never heard from all but the best old Strats. The 2&4 position “Quack” is amazing, even with substantial amounts of gain. Smitty has a knack of being able to immediately understand exactly what I’m looking for, even with the most ambiguous description… Check em out! You won’t be disappointed....
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  • Chris McAleer
    Chris McAleer – Toronto, Ontario
    Bassist with: Sibannac I undertook Mike to design and create a custom pickup for a new Archtop Acoustic I had recently purchased. I left all in his hands with no need for my input. What I received back was a design beyond what I would have imagined or would have received at any store. The attention to detail is exquisite and the sound quality is exceptional. Perfect balance!...
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  • Brandon McColl
    Brandon McColl – Toronto, Ontario
    Guitarist with: Titan I’ve been bringing my over used, over abused, seasoned, beaten up Gibson SG to Smitty for nearly five years. He has always been able to make her sing exactly the way I like. No one else in this industry puts the time into doing the job right or explain to his customers what went wrong in the first place, not many people in this industry would chat with you for an hour or two after the store closed allowing you to try every guitar and amp in the store in order to find the right tone. I have been a working class musician for the past 15 years, my guitar has seen many repair people. When I brought my guitar to Smitty the second time I snapped the headstock off, he said, “Brandon, I don’t know if we can handle another one.” Smitty repairs and upgrades my...
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  • Mike Zammit
    Mike Zammit – Port Credit, Ontario
    Freelance Musician/Teacher MJS pickups are the most amazing sounding customized pickups I’ve ever played. I was initially going to get rid of my Gibson SG because it sounded like it had no energy or bite left when I played it.  Since I had the custom pickups you built for me installed, the amazing tone and sound quality they provided was the sound I was precisely looking for from the start; they breathed new life into my guitar. Now, I wouldn’t dream of selling it. From blues, rock, and metal to jazz, funk or any type of music I play, MJS custom pickups are simply the best pickups around…period!!...
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  • Steve Grisbrook
    Steve Grisbrook – Toronto, Ontario
    Lead Guitarist with: GST From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, Smitty’s Pickups has them all!...
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  • Y.Roy – Montreal, Quebec
    Y.Roy – Montreal, Quebec
    New pickups rocking my Godin xTSA, once again big thanks to Smitty for the awesome service!...
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  • MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups
    Steve C. – Winnipeg, Manitoba
    A really quick thank you because I want to get back to playing the Starcaster with the a.m.a.z.i.n.g. re-wound pickups.  Thanks also for your patience and working with me to make this, seemingly simple, request happen.  Smitty, I don’t know how you did it, but you nailed it!  The Fender Starcaster now covers much of the tonal range of my Strat & ES335 as one could imagine.  In 2 words: I’m thrilled!...
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  • MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups
    Joe McC. – New York, NY
    Smitty – You may recall I ordered a set of pickups for my Godin Montreal several weeks back. We spoke on the phone and I was interested in the exact same configuration that was demonstrated by Rik Emmett on his “Soupy” guitar, which is also a Godin Montreal. I have to say I was extremely delighted with the pickups. I admit I’m no Rik Emmett and the sound I get is a bit different from that portrayed in the video. But I absolutely loved both pickups!! The split single has excellent articulation and note definition, but also has a little body to it so as to not sound thin. AND it is dead quiet when I record, which is a big plus for me. The shop where I had them installed — Binghamtone Guitars in Vestal, NY was also very impressed and they have worked with many different pickups. The...
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  • Ryan B. – Toronto, Ontario
    Ryan B. – Toronto, Ontario
    The Tele guitar is finished and its sounds amazing!  Exactly what I was looking for and more versatile than I expected. Thanks again! I’ll send you some audio files when I do some recording. Will also be doing a hollow body build next year and will probably be looking for a set of p90s if you’re up for it....
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  • MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups
    Ryan C. – Medina, New York
    Hello! The pickup is installed in the PRS which was set up to D standard. First off, on cleans you were right. Completely clean. It has a nice twang to it and a very beautiful bell-like tone, which is incredible. Incredible for clean leads. Now on high is where it gets shocking. I didn’t change any amp settings from when I was playing with the stock pickup. Playing chords is very clear, you can really hear every single note, even though I didn’t turn the gain down and with how hot the pickup is the tone was pretty thick. Even still, every note in any chord I played rang through all that gain as well as when doing small things such as hammer ons and pull offs you could definitely hear them loud and clear which is something I haven’t experienced before. So right away, pretty impressive. Gives a huge...
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