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Ryan C. – Medina, New York

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Hello! The pickup is installed in the PRS which was set up to D standard. First off, on cleans you were right. Completely clean. It has a nice twang to it and a very beautiful bell-like tone, which is incredible. Incredible for clean leads. Now on high is where it gets shocking. I didn’t change any amp settings from when I was playing with the stock pickup.

Playing chords is very clear, you can really hear every single note, even though I didn’t turn the gain down and with how hot the pickup is the tone was pretty thick. Even still, every note in any chord I played rang through all that gain as well as when doing small things such as hammer ons and pull offs you could definitely hear them loud and clear which is something I haven’t experienced before. So right away, pretty impressive. Gives a huge boost to playing melodic rhythms.

Palm muting is also an improvement. With the MJS Black Earth Neodymium, palm muting sounds perfectly balanced on any note on any string. It produces a fantastic chug, and sounds thick and full at all times. Everything is perfectly balanced. One string doesn’t come through louder than the other. It doesn’t go to mud, it stays perfectly balanced and sounds very alive.

Leads sound fantastic as well. It is very articulate, and pick attack comes through great. Being detuned sounds incredibly natural and overall this thing is just simply incredible.

I really couldn’t be any happier, everything I wanted has been achieved. I’m really just shocked at how perfect it sounds because in the past it was always a compromise of wanting things that alnico could do and wanting things that ceramic could do. This does it all and I couldn’t praise you guys enough for creating something so incredible.

Playing has gotten more enjoyable now that things sound this much better, what a truly huge difference this makes. I don’t usually do reviews like this, but I’m too in love with this pickup to not tell you what I think of it. Hope it all makes sense! So thanks again for everything! This is my new go to bridge pickup.