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Totally Custom

The Sky Is The Limit!

Many basses and guitars don’t have routing patterns that will fit common pickup designs. Many older guitars with “odd” pickups can be rebuilt or customized as to not change the original look of the guitar.

Basses in particular, with active/passive electronics can have custom wood pickups installed when the original equipment breaks down.

Always inquire… it doesn’t cost a cent and you will probably be surprised at what we can do. Check out our gallery of custom pickup designs for inspiration:

MJS Totally Custom Pickups

MJS Totally Custom Options – The Sky is the Limit!

Lipstick Strat

Josh’s Strat is strutting its stuff! If you like the TONE of a STRAT but the LOOK of a LIPSTICK – We’ve got you covered – *NEW* MJS Strat-sized Lipstick Tube Pickups now available.

Special bobbin plates enable us to create a Strat format in order to give that classic Strat tone.  These pickups fit standard Stratocaster pickguards, utilize 6 Alnico pole pieces as opposed to the usual bar magnet and mini-bucker bobbin.  Available in AL2 or AL5 magnets. Scatter-wound to preserve classic sound/tone and wound using our Progressive Strat-Style format.

Authentic Gold Foil Tone

New Millimetric MG6 “Goldie” Shoreline gold finish, maple neck. Custom MJS Gold Foil pickups with Custom Richlite Covers – Authentic Gold Foil Tone, Single volume with push pull fixed tone control.

4-String Strat-Style

MJS 4-String Strat-Style pickup – Ideal for those who want it installed for baselines and run thru a separate Octave Pedal.

Custom 6-String Bass

This is Randy’s (RAAPT Custom Wood) awesome Custom 6-String Buckeye Burl Bass. It’s equipped with an MJS Custom Hum IV 6-String @ 14.6K ohms with Alnico 2 Individual magnets (great for coil tapping), and Ramp-Style cover made of Purpleheart.

This Bass is definitely made to be on stage.

“Monster” 7-String Acoustic

This is “Monster” by Joe of Urban Custom Guitars – He was asked to build a 7-String Death Metal Acoustic guitar and this is his answer! These unique MJS pickups are something different for the Monster and allows it to sing with either bronze or steel strings!

MJS Custom Black Earth Hum IV – 12B – Neodymium Magnets – 14 Individual Pole Pieces – Baseplate Mount

Custom 5-String Bass

Very Special Custom 5-String Bass by Joe of Urban Custom Guitars – Equipped with MJS Bass Humbucker 5-String, 11E, AL5 Indiv.Polepieces Neck and MJS Bass Humbucker 5-String, 14C, AL5 Indiv.Polepieces Bridge in Soapbar Covers

Custom MJS Humbucker with Custom Wood Cover & Ring

Jack’s Ibanez RGA is all done!! Custom MJS Humbucker Set with Custom Wood Cover & Ring – Bridge pup done to match up with his knobs.

Great looking axe!

Two-String Acoustic

This special 2-String hum-cancelling acoustic pickup is made for acoustic players who need to isolate E & A strings in order to send a separate signal to a separate amplifier.

Especially useful when looking to drop the E & A strings down an octave or two thru a pedal.

Fender Thinline Tele Acoustic – Stacked Adjustable Tele-Style Neck Pickup

Marshall Dane enjoying his Thinline Tele Acoustic newly equipped with MJS Stacked Adjustable Tele-Style Neck pickup.

This pickup is not only hum-cancelling but each polepiece is adjustable to balance the bronze strings. Wound specifically to complement the preamp and preserve high frequencies.

Ibanez BTB-5 String Bass

These MJS Custom 5-String Bass Humbuckers were made for an Ibanez BTB.

Neck @ 12,000 ohms, Bridge @ 14,000 ohms using Alnico 5 individual pole piece magnets that allow for coil splitting. Rosewood custom covers made to matchup with the fretboard and made to fit the existing routing cavity.

Nathan Pryor Electric Uke

Nathan did a great job with this custom semi-hollow electric uke!

Equipped with MJS Custom Single Coil Uke Neck Pickup – 6.5K ohms with 4-Individual Alnico 2 magnets, Custom Mahogany Wood Cover.

DB Custom Cigar Box

Love this rock’n DB Custom Cigar Box – very classy! Equipped with MJS 3 polepiece Big Single Retro with two Alnico5 bar magnets & an output of 9,500 ohms – and of course Jolly Roger engraved on cover.

Just an Awesome guitar!

Ibanez Artcore – Twang Machine

Andy was thrilled with this set of MJS Hum I pups.

Specially formulated to channel a little Brian Setzer…twangitty, twang, twang!

Strat to Slide Conversion

Check out our Strat to Slide conversion… has a MJS Big Single Retro Neck and a MJS Custom Adjustable Big Single Bridge with an Ebony cover. Custom pickguard and new neck to finish off this great new instrument.

Bridge pickup is a MJS Custom Adjustable Big Single with a Ebony cover that has a grounded steel plate underneath in order to broaden the magnetic field. It has 2 Alnico5 bar magnets & an output of 9,000 ohms.

Click on images for a better look!

MJS BSR Thin Resonator Pickup

Great overall look! Customer requested a handwound single coil pickup for his Republic Resonator. We made a MJS Big Single Retro-Thin at 7.6K ohms with special cut AL5 magnets. Excellent bluesy tone!

Side View shows how thin the pickup is. Slips in nicely at the approximate height of the fretboard.

Click on images for a better look!

Candy Apple Ibanez

John’s Ibanez RGR is coming along nicely. Custom Candy Apple bobbins painted for the pickups to match guitar. Waiting on Tremol-NO. Then this beast will Rip!!

MJS Black Earth Bridge @ 16.4K ohms Neo-D magnets & MJS Hum III Neck @ 11K ohms with 12 individual Alnico 2 magnets.

Click on images for a better look!

The Legator

Stephen’s Legator 7-String Ninja is now a kick-ass versatile Axe! Equipped with a MJS Stacked Big Single Neck with Carbon Fiber bobbins @ 18K ohms (volume output 9K) w/AL5 magnets. The bridge is a MJS Black Earth-7 using NEO-D magnets at 17.5K output.

Click on image for a better look!

2-String Pickup

The tiniest pickup MJS has made so far. This is a blade style single coil meant for only 2 guitar strings. Our customer thumbs his bass line on his E & A and sends the signal through an octave shifter into a separate amp. We made it so it’s reversible (silver on the other side) and removable so he can interchange with his other guitars. Very kool idea!

Click on image for a better look!

The Dean – Upright Bass

Here we have Brent’s Dean Upright Stick Bass. It came stock with a transducer pickup in the saddle of the bridge. To combine with his transducer, we custom made him a MJS Big Single Bass 5. It is a large single coil pup with 5 X 1/4″ Alnico5 individual pole pieces. The output is 8,800 ohms and it has a custom Rosewood cap on top of a Gaboon Ebony cover. It matches the rest of the bass perfectly. We installed a Concentric stacked pot to control the volume for each pup individually.

Click on image for a better look!

Gold Tele

A nice way to incorporate covered and uncovered pickups.  Jonathan’s all gold John 5 Tele equipped with MJS Split Single Neck @ 7.8K Alnico 5 and MJS Hum III with gold polepieces Alnico 5 @ 11.5K output.. I love GOOOOOLD!

Click on image for a better look!

Les Godfrey’s New Build With MJS Custom Elliptical

New build by Les Godfrey Guitars – stunning! It features a unique MJS custom Elliptical Split Single Pickup with Curly Maple base and Ebony cap finished with oil & wax.

Click on images for a better look!

MJS Custom 8-String Split Single

This beautiful 8-String fan fretted archtop custom build sings loud and clear with it’s new fret job and custom MJS 8-String Split Single. Custom Ziricote cover and Ebony Ring matches up nicely.

Click on image for a larger view!

MJS Black Earth – Crunchy and Clean All-in-One!

MJS Black Earth set for Kyle’s lefty DBZ Bird of Prey. We put in a 10,200 ohm NEO-D Neck & 13,200 ohm NEO-D Bridge that gives crunch, clarity and articulation. These pups are ideal for the metal players who need to get “clean” every once in a while.

Click on image for a larger view!

MJS Recycles!

This was one very kool project! John @ 2nd Shot collaborated with CSL to make a gorgeous Strat-style Skate Guitar – yes folks… made from recycled skateboard material! To finish it off, we made him a set of progressive pickups (2 MJS Strat-style & 1 MJS Humbucker) all covered in the same recycled skateboard material.

Click on image for a larger view!

MJS Rocks this Melody Maker!

This Melody Maker has been untamed! The original pickup and pickguard are out… 2 MJS Big Singles now rock this under appreciated guitar. The Neck is 8.1K ohms and Bridge @ 9.5K with reflector plate and both Alnico5 magnets. Custom pickguard and now it’s one kickass Gibson MM!

Click on image for a larger view!

Master Luthier George Rizsanyi’s Gorgeous all Ziricote Tele

Equipped with MJS Tele-Style Neck @ 8K ohms and MJS Humbucker III @ 9.8K ohms. Both Alnico5 magnets. Custom matching Ziricote wood covers. This is a one-of-a-kind beauty!

Click on image for a larger view!

Joe Young’s all Rosewood Evolution Guitar

It’s equipped with an 8.5K ohms AL5 MJS Tele-style Bridge and a 7.8K ohms AL2 MJS Hum I Humbucker. He also added an Evertune bridge – and has chambered the guitar. This is the pinnacle of Tele-style guitars! Great job Joe!

Click on image for a larger view!

Master Luthier George Rizsanyi’s Tone Missile “Puzzle” Guitar

This amazing Purpleheart and Padauk Tone Missile is equipped with MJS Tele-Style Neck @ 7,500K ohms and MJS Humbucker II @ 8,500K ohms. Both Alnico5 magnets. Custom matching Purpleheart and Padauk reverse scheme wood covers with ring. You’ll never see another like this!

Click on image for a larger view!

Not too many options for pickups in these style of basses

Custom Rosewood Soapbar pickups are equipped with Split Single Alnico5 3/16″ magnet neck and large Single Coil 1/4″ magnet bridge coils. Great traditional combo and great look!

Click on image for a larger view!

Another example of a bass with no after-market pickup options when the original equipment no longer meets requirements.

A pair of 1/4” X 5/8” Alnico5 Single Coils matched perfectly. Rock Maple covers with Birdseye Maple cap. Nice option!

Click on image for a larger view!

An all Canadian guitar with a Western Red Cedar top.

These low-output Alnico2 Split Coils look great being made from the same Red Cedar board as the top. Delicate work!

Click on image for a larger view!

This customer wanted pickups to accent the beautiful wood of his guitar.

The neck pickup is a Big Single with Padauk cover and Curly Maple Ring. The bridge pickup is a traditional Humbucker with matching cover and ring.

Click on image for a larger view!

This customer has a beautifully unique Archtop which needed a pickup just as unique.

This is a Rosewood Split-Single Humbucking pickup with Alnico5 magnets wound to 7,500 ohms. The wave pattern matches with the end of the fingerboard and also has a mother of pearl logo accent.

Click on image for a larger view!

This customer did not think there were any other pickup alternatives for his G&L Comanche.

He was over the moon to learn we had a great option. We custom handwound Split-single Pickups with custom Birds-Eye Maple wood covers to match neck for this gorgeous G&L!

Click on image for a larger view!