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MJS Humbucker (I – IV)

Whether you’re looking for a standard PAF, something for pure heavy metal or anything in between, we will custom wind to a desired spec and magnet combo to get the tone you’re looking for – to fit any genre you play.
$169.00 CAD

MJS Black Earth NEO-D Humbuckers also available (see below for details)

Cover Options:
Black White Wood

Gold & Nickel covers with screw holes available on request.
Exposed Bobbins also available with your choice of Nickel slugs, Gold slugs or Allen key set screws.
Wood Covers available: Choice of domestic and exotic woods.
Note: All woods used, are in their natural form and grain patterns – colors will vary slightly.

MJS Humbucker

MJS Humbucker (Gold Cover Shown)

Custom Output Levels Available:


  • Clean Dynamic Sound
  • Low Output (choose from 6.0K to 7.9K ohms)
  • Recommended for Neck Position
  • Alnico2 or Alnico5 Magnets (Ceramic not recommended)

  • Classic Sound for all Humbucking Equipped Guitars
  • Medium Output (choose from 8.0K to 9.9K ohms)
  • For Neck or Bridge Position
  • Alnico2 or Alnico5 Magnets (Ceramic not recommended)

  • Pump It Up!
  • High Output (choose from 10.0K to 11.9K ohms)
  • Great Mids & Lows
  • More Crunch for your Coin!
  • Recommended for Bridge Position
  • Alnico5 or Ceramic Magnet option

  • Over The Top!
  • Super High Output (choose from 12.0K to 18.0K ohms)
  • Heart Thumping Bottom End
  • Alnico5 or Ceramic Magnet option
*All outputs available in F-Spaced bobbins
*Custom Bass Humbuckers available

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

  • Neodymium Magnet Equipped
  • Open Coil Design with a Clear, Bright, Punchy Uncompressed Sound
  • Recommended in a II or III Output Level
  • Extremely Clean but Responds Very Well to Heavy Gain

$179.00 CAD

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

Sample Videos:

Our latest demo featuring Rik Emmett with his Gibson Les Paul (“Johnnie”) using a MJS Black Earth Neo-D and Ceramic Humbucker:

Demo featuring 2 very different MJS Custom Humbucker pickups. This is for the metal lovers out there!
Review from the KAOS Music Center: