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MJS Humbucker (0 – IV)

Whether you’re looking for a Low Z, Standard PAF, something for pure heavy metal or anything in between – we will custom wind to a desired spec and magnet combo to get the tone you’re looking for – to fit any genre you play.
$169.00 CAD

MJS Black Earth NEO-D Humbuckers also available (see below for details)
MJS Mini-Humbuckers also available (see below for details)

Cover Options:
Black White

Exposed Bobbins also available with your choice of Nickel slugs, Gold slugs or Allen key set screws.

MJS Humbucker

MJS Humbucker (Gold Cover Shown)

Custom Output Levels Available:


  • Made to be used with onboard or external preamp
  • 800 ohms to 1,100 ohms D.C. Resistance
  • Alnico 5 Magnet
  • Clean, clear tone
  • Works best with 1 Megaohm or less input impedance

  • Bright, Crisp Tone
  • 3.0K to 5.9K ohms D.C. Resistance
  • Alnico 5 Magnet
  • Comes in Neck and Bridge Outputs
  • Great for the Gretsch-Style tone or to brighten a Neck position on a dual humbucker equipped guitar

  • Clean Dynamic Sound
  • Low Output (choose from 6.0K to 7.9K ohms)
  • Recommended for Neck Position
  • Alnico2 or Alnico5 Magnets (Ceramic not recommended)

  • Classic Sound for all Humbucking Equipped Guitars
  • Medium Output (choose from 8.0K to 9.9K ohms)
  • For Neck or Bridge Position
  • Alnico2 or Alnico5 Magnets (Ceramic not recommended)

  • Pump It Up!
  • High Output (choose from 10.0K to 11.9K ohms)
  • Great Mids & Lows
  • More Crunch for your Coin!
  • Recommended for Bridge Position
  • Alnico5 or Ceramic Magnet option

  • Over The Top!
  • Super High Output (choose from 12.0K to 18.0K ohms)
  • Heart Thumping Bottom End
  • Alnico5 or Ceramic Magnet option
*All outputs available in F-Spaced bobbins
*Custom Bass Humbuckers available (more info here)

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

  • Neodymium Magnet Equipped
  • Open Coil Design with a Clear, Bright, Punchy Uncompressed Sound
  • Recommended in a II or III Output Level
  • Extremely Clean but Responds Very Well to Heavy Gain

$179.00 CAD

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

MJS Black Earth Humbucker

MJS Mini-Humbucker

  • Our Mini-Humbucker comes in a variety of formats, outputs, and magnet options in order to provide you with a wide range of tones
  • We can make a conventional Humbucker or a Single Coil format to fit under a Chrome Mini-Humbucker Cover
  • We manufacture our own bobbin plates in order to fit any space requirements – from your Dual Mini-Humbucker equipped guitar to a Floating Archtop pickup

We will consult with you by phone or email in order to make sure your Custom MJS Pickup purchase goes smoothly.  Points that we will cover together include:

  • Tonal requirements
  • Format or Style
  • String Spacing and Height Spacing
  • Existing Routing Dimensions
  • Pot and Cap Value Selection and Wiring Options

$152.00 CAD (Single-Coil Style)
$179.00 CAD (Humbucker Style)

MJS Mini-Humbucker

MJS Mini-Humbucker

Sample Videos:

Our latest demo featuring Rik Emmett with his Gibson Les Paul (“Johnnie”) using a MJS Black Earth Neo-D and Ceramic Humbucker:

Demo featuring 2 very different MJS Custom Humbucker pickups. This is for the metal lovers out there!
Review from the KAOS Music Center: