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MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole – Standard & Special

Our new and improved MJS soundhole pickup that utilizes a split single coil design and windings and has special adjustable pole pieces with our own NEO-D magnet formula. Works GREAT for balancing string volumes.
$199.00 CAD (Standard 6-String format)

Available in Custom String Spacing and Extended Range (i.e. 7-string, 8-string). Pricing will vary depending on complexity of pickup/cover required.

Cover Options:
MJS Acoustic Cover Options

MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole – Standard

  • A VERY unique Pickup that is a one-of-a-kind
  • This Pickup is made to fit almost any sound hole
  • Choice of stock wood types to compliment most guitars are: Mahogany, Black Walnut, Soft Curly Maple, Hard Maple, Padauk, Black Cherry, and Pau Amarello
  • The Split-coil design is Humbucking
  • Medium output level
  • Our own Neodymium magnet formula
  • Double pot waxed
  • Available in left-handed models
  • Ground plate/bridge saver recommended

MJS 8-String Stacked Adjustable Polepiece Soundhole Acoustic Pickup. Cover made of Richlite. Installed in Agile Renaissance 827 NAEQ. Great going through Onboard Preamp, Sansamp, or Passively direct to a guitar amp.
Acoustic Standard 6 String

MJS Custom Acoustic Soundhole – Standard 6 String Option
MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole - 8 String

MJS Custom Acoustic Soundhole – 8 String Option
MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole - 7 String

MJS Custom Acoustic Soundhole – 7 String Option
MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole - 4 String

MJS Custom Acoustic Soundhole – 4 String Option


David Martin trying out Scott Milligan’s New 000 Guitar Build. Scott built his guitar with Jeremy Nicks at Canadian School of Lutherie – Great job! Equipped with Mahogany MJS Custom Acoustic Soundhole Pickup going thru a small Roland practice amp with a little chorus.

MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Hole – Special

In addition to our MJS Custom Acoustic Sound Holes shown above, we also offer a “Special” version. What’s a Special version? Anything you want it to be! It’s totally custom and limited only by your imagination.

Varies depending on design and configuration. Contact Us with your “Special” idea. Check out the gallery for inspiration:

“Moon Phases”

Truly one-of-a-kind Custom MJS Soundhole Pickup. This was made to order based on the customer’s specific design. He loves watches and this design represents a particular watch moon phase feature to match the theme of the rest of the guitar.

Pickup made from rosewood with ebony night inlay, white mother of pearl moon & stars, gold m.o.p. dots, abalone hand. Pickup is a Split Single design using Alnico5 & 2 magnets @ 8,500 ohms. Placement allows air to travel out the sides of cover. Sounds Awesome!!!