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Dan Cormier – Guitarist in New Brunswick

Dan Cormier

Still LMAO!! This is an actual order from Dan…one of our very good and appreciated customers.  These types of descriptions are not uncommon…LOVE IT!!!

Push push is cool, pulling sucks. Fix me up bro!!  Seriously…no joke…pumped up more warm 490r, sd bridge in mind, un balanced drunk scatter wound mess, mid boosted, black bobs, 14k, ceramic VII, 6 adjustable, 6 not, black cover with MJS logo that makes people wonder…”wtf is this?” Every other pole on respective bobs pokes through…every covered non-adjustable pole some alnico to gimme more weird…looks like :-0


Like a retired Gibson employee dropped hillbilly acid at work, went yeehaw then resigned, not before leaving some lost SG with this effed up looking beautifully whackadoodle neck pup! But seriously…and can you make it a little piquente por favor?…and low mids, send a frikkin invoice!

Well, we made him a Hum IV Neck pup @ 12,500 ohms with Ceramic bar magnets and staggered alternating Alnico2 and Allen Key Polepieces in order to gain a little organic pick attack and articulation. This is the finished product and some of his reaction…Luv this guy

NEW PUPS MY FAVORITE THING SINCE THE CHRISTMAS I GOT A BOSS DISTORTION PEDAL WHEN I WAS 8!  As for tone Smitty, I owe you a debt of gratitude bro. It’s as thick as I’d ever want it, but still articulate.  As with every pup I’ve gotten from you, I find myself exploring what it can do when I play, and what they do is just generally sound frikkin nice.  This thing’s beautiful man.  Perfect match for my bridge…no volume change at all in any position.  It’s all the warm chubby chick descriptives I can muster – the frequencies are intertwined with just general beautiful tone.  The clean tones however somewhat dry. LOL. Joking. Who cares about clean tone!  Thing is wild bro!  Rolling tone cleans it right up if you’d ever want to do dumb shit like that.  Harmonics are silly. This is a neck pup that steals the limelight from the bridge…which is one of my personal favorite pieces of sacred gear I’ve ever owned!