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Rik Emmett of Triumph

Rik Emmett

Rik Emmett 2 HRezVocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter/Performer


Starting a new public endorsement relationship with guitar pickups guru Mike Smitty Smyth and his company MJS Handwound Custom Pickups.  My guitars have better voices than ever before …Exciting!

Smitty has been helping me lately to take my game to the next level. Isn’t that what every guitarist wants? Where your hands can get the tone & articulation out of your guitars that you hear in your head? Stay tuned – my next bunch of recordings will feature MJS in the signal path.

Head… Heart… Hands… MJS!

KC Roberts – Toronto, Ontario

KC Roberts


KC Roberts & The Live Revolution

Hey Smitty,

I just wanted to write quick and tell you how the new Strat pickups are going.  My Rosewood Strat has all but replaced my Mexican. I have fallen in love with this thing.  The tone has been so nice, I’ve taken it to a bunch of rehearsals, and I can’t put it down. This guitar is a completely unique and beautiful creature with your pickups in it.

Eye brows are raising from band members and it is so damn soulful, lush and yet funky.

I can’t begin to thank you for helping me turn this over so fast. It means more than I can express.

Mike Robins – Toronto, Ontario

Mike Robins - Autumn Hill

Guitarist with Autumn Hill


Thanks #mjscustompickups for making my strat ROCK! Sounds good…feels good. Loving my brand new MJS custom pickups taking my old Stratocaster‬ to a whole new level!!

Thanks so much guys!


Marshall Dane – Toronto, Ontario



Thanks to my MJS Hand Wound Custom Pickups family, my guitars are always in top condition….until I beat ’em out of condition, and then Mike “Smitty” Smyth comes to the rescue!! Little Martin rocked at church tonight!  Thanks team!

Clarence Poirier – Toronto, Ontario

Clarence Poirier

Bassist with Blue Radio and Ultimate Urban


I recently cut back my bass collection down to only those I absolutely love enough to gig with.  At the end of the month-long purge, I had sold 3, traded one for another, and traded a maple neck for a rosewood one. Then after having four different sound guys this summer mention the improved tone of my main bass – the sunburst one – over the others, there was one last thing left to do … call Smitty.

The sunburst one has had MJS Hand Wound Custom Pickups pretty much since I’ve owned it (3-4 years maybe). The increased dynamic range is immediately notable.  You know how normally if you roll back the treble on stock pickups, it sounds like someone put a thick blanket over your amp because the tone is muffled so bad?  Not so with these pickups … roll back the tone knob, and you get a darker tone that retains punch and note definition.  With the tone full up, the notes are big and articulate and balanced across all strings. No mud, no annoying boom.  Alnico V magnets, 10.2K to 10.5K for the Ps, and 8.2K (I think) for the J pickups.

Check them out!  If you don’t want to take my word for it, go to YouTube and search “Rik Emmet MJS Pickups” – Rik knows the difference! Thanks Mike “Smitty” Smyth for the awesome service (and sorry I’ve run out of basses to put your pickups in – for the time being at least).

Dan Cormier – Guitarist in New Brunswick

Dan Cormier

Still LMAO!! This is an actual order from Dan…one of our very good and appreciated customers.  These types of descriptions are not uncommon…LOVE IT!!!

Push push is cool, pulling sucks. Fix me up bro!!  Seriously…no joke…pumped up more warm 490r, sd bridge in mind, un balanced drunk scatter wound mess, mid boosted, black bobs, 14k, ceramic VII, 6 adjustable, 6 not, black cover with MJS logo that makes people wonder…”wtf is this?” Every other pole on respective bobs pokes through…every covered non-adjustable pole some alnico to gimme more weird…looks like :-0


Like a retired Gibson employee dropped hillbilly acid at work, went yeehaw then resigned, not before leaving some lost SG with this effed up looking beautifully whackadoodle neck pup! But seriously…and can you make it a little piquente por favor?…and low mids, send a frikkin invoice!

Well, we made him a Hum IV Neck pup @ 12,500 ohms with Ceramic bar magnets and staggered alternating Alnico2 and Allen Key Polepieces in order to gain a little organic pick attack and articulation. This is the finished product and some of his reaction…Luv this guy

NEW PUPS MY FAVORITE THING SINCE THE CHRISTMAS I GOT A BOSS DISTORTION PEDAL WHEN I WAS 8!  As for tone Smitty, I owe you a debt of gratitude bro. It’s as thick as I’d ever want it, but still articulate.  As with every pup I’ve gotten from you, I find myself exploring what it can do when I play, and what they do is just generally sound frikkin nice.  This thing’s beautiful man.  Perfect match for my bridge…no volume change at all in any position.  It’s all the warm chubby chick descriptives I can muster – the frequencies are intertwined with just general beautiful tone.  The clean tones however somewhat dry. LOL. Joking. Who cares about clean tone!  Thing is wild bro!  Rolling tone cleans it right up if you’d ever want to do dumb shit like that.  Harmonics are silly. This is a neck pup that steals the limelight from the bridge…which is one of my personal favorite pieces of sacred gear I’ve ever owned!

Aaron Little – Toronto, Ontario

Aaron Little

Lead Guitarist with: See Spot Run


I love my MJS pickups. I get comments on the sound of my guitars at every show I play across Canada. I have yet to find other pickups with the same balls, depth clarity and tone. I’ll never buy another store boxed pickup again.

Chris Platt

Chris Platt

Freelance Musician – Toronto


The lows and the highs open up beautifully and allows the guitar to sound more true to the acoustic qualities of the instrument…
When I got my first archtop guitar, an Eastman 803 CE, I knew for it to sound complete, it had to have a custom MJS pickup. I have MJS Single Coils in my Strat and have done many blues and pop gigs with that guitar – the sound is always clear, crunchy and virtually hum-free.

I’ve been playing jazz seriously for 5 years now and done lots of gigs in different rooms with all kinds of instrumentation. I play through a ZT Lunchbox and if you play clean through those with a loud drummer, you might have to compromise and give in to the speaker breaking up.  With my MJS Split Single pickup, I can crank my little Lunchbox and still get a crystal clear tone. The overall sound of the pickup is much richer and clearer than the humbucker that came with my Eastman.

The new pickup has a wider range of tone, the lows and the highs open up beautifully and allows the guitar to sound more true to the acoustic qualities of the instrument. In short, I don’t have to worry about feedback, hum, my speaker breaking up or an unclear electric sound. It’s exciting to know that this pickup allows my Eastman to sound the best it can, no compromises. Split Singles are the way to go!

Martina Fasano

Martina Fasano

Guitar Enthusist, Guitarist with Aaron Cross

In was the clear sustain of the new MJS handwound pickups and the beefy crunch that came with that humbucker…
A small excerpt from Martina’s Blog on her new MJS pups:

…After an hour and a half of trying different guitars/pickup combinations, I settled on a overwound (hot) humbucker for the bridge pickup, and a vintage single coil for the neck pickup. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone I put a single coil in a Les Paul!) I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t know what they would sound like in my guitar. Once they were installed, I was absolutely thrilled!

WOW! A musician can only dream about finally having an instrument that does what he/she wants to when they play it. The muddy quality of my factory pickups was gone! In was the clear sustain of the new MJS handwound pickups and the beefy crunch that came with that humbucker. Now when I chug along on powerchords, there is a definite “chug”, not just a tinny, aluminum sounding whimper…

Click here to read her full review

Davin Goudie

Davin Goudie

Bassist with Michael White and the Q-107 Classic Rock House Band

I love them! I consistently get compliments after every show…
I had this mid 80’s Squire Jazz Bass that played pretty good but had these crappy stock pickups in it. I knew about MJS Pickups (I have them in my Les Paul), but I hadn’t heard his bass pickups yet. I wanted a very specific sound and we discussed every detail and left no rock unturned.

Smitty installed his MJS Vintage Jazz Bass set and I love them! I consistently get compliments after every show. Thanks Smitty!!

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