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Congratulations, Nathan Whitney!

Congratulations to Nathan Whitney – Joining the Thomas Rhett Team! Rock’n his Axes on the Home Team Tour, Fully loaded with MJS pups.

More Video Demos

MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups

We’ve done a few more Demo Videos for your viewing pleasure:

We’ve got some great P-Bass action here with our good friend Chris Brodbeck of See Spot Run demoing his #9 Fender Precision Bass with MJS P-Bass pups. Enjoy!

Here’s a Treat – Join in on the laughs! Before we go live with our MJS Stacked Tele-Style Pickups Demo with Rik Emmett– thought we’d send out a “Teaser” ;-). Rik talks Tele Tone and does some Pictionary for us – He’s a true Picasso- Enjoy!!

Vol.4 with Uncle Rik Emmett. In this video, Rik demos his MJS Stacked Tele-style Neck and Bridge pickups in Annabella – Hum-cancelling while staying true to that traditional Tele tone.

Our very own Brian Allen of Amplus Productions (formerly with Toronto), demos some MJS custom pickups (Split Single & Stacked Big Single Retro) from a Producer’s Perspective. Both have unique Single Coil Tone but Totally Hum-cancelling. Enjoy!

New Videos!

MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups

Here are some awesome videos from our very talented MJS Family Members that have recently released new albums – enjoy!

Rik Emmett and RESolution 9 Album: “Human Race” (featuring Alex Lifeson)

See Spot Run – Pretty Holiday Album: “Burning Down the House”
Dave Dunlop – Monarch Girl Album: “Conniption #9”
Dave Dunlop – “Monarch Girl”
Aaron Little – It’s About Time Album – “Nobody to Talk To”

LATEST Video – Watch Now! Rik Emmett Guitar Review: Vol. 3

Rik Emmett - Triumph

Rik does the “Choo Choo Train” thing and explains what we did to his Godin A6 “Connie”.

Hope you enjoy this segment! If you’ve missed the others, please check them out too!

Watch now! MJS with Rik Emmett Guitar Review: Vol. 2

Rik Emmett, Triumph

Rik explains what we did to his Gibson Les Paul “Johnnie”. Another very cool project!

We’ll have another video on the way in May, so stay tuned for more MJS guitar reviews with Rik. Hope you enjoy this segment!

Watch now! MJS with Rik Emmett Guitar Review: Vol. 1

Rik Emmett

You may have heard that Rik Emmett is in studio working on a fantastic new project (it’s gonna be totally kick ass!!). Preparing for this required some new MJS Custom Pickups, upgrades and mods on some of his guitars and we were thrilled to take on the challenge.

In this video, Rik explains what we did to “Soupy” his Godin Supreme. We’ve got more videos on the way so stay tuned for more MJS guitar reviews with Rik. Hope you enjoy this segment!

Rik Emmett of Triumph

Rik Emmett

Rik Emmett 2 HRezVocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter/Performer


Starting a new public endorsement relationship with guitar pickups guru Mike Smitty Smyth and his company MJS Handwound Custom Pickups.  My guitars have better voices than ever before …Exciting!

Smitty has been helping me lately to take my game to the next level. Isn’t that what every guitarist wants? Where your hands can get the tone & articulation out of your guitars that you hear in your head? Stay tuned – my next bunch of recordings will feature MJS in the signal path.

Head… Heart… Hands… MJS!