At MJS Custom Guitars and Pickups Inc., we offer a wide variety of services and products to enhance your guitar's playability, sound and esthetics:


Whether you are a hobby player or professional musician, your guitar(s) becomes a part of you and how you play and it’s important to make sure it performs at its best at all times. We put the "CUSTOM" solely in your hands. We understand that personal tastes and preferences differ and change; that’s why it’s our goal to make sure you get exactly what YOU want for comfort and sound when choosing a custom pickup.


• variety of models and styles
• custom power outputs
• choose your cover
• check out our product list


• complex repairs to body, necks,
• electronics replacement or
• see our repairs page for more


• 100% body and neck made from
  a variety of Canadian woods
• choose from existing body types
  or suggest a design of your own
• Check out our guitars page

MJS Custom Pickups • 3163 Winston Churchill Blvd. • P.O. Box 26035 • Mississauga, ON • L5L 5S0 • Tel: (647) 887-2151
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